Attorney Network

Official Legal Solutions advertises so the attorneys can focus on what they do best…practicing law.  We are one source for attorney advertising and client placement which may include advertising mediums such as TV, radio, print, Internet, or other advertising options.  Our goal is to market legal services and retain qualified members to the attorney network for client placement.

The attorney network is a joint advertising service for independent attorneys.  Let our attorney network service advertise your law firm’s availability and services in the community.  The advertisement or communication concerning attorney availability is made on behalf of an attorney licensed to practice law in the jurisdiction that the attorney is licensed to practice law.  As such our advertising may be limited only to areas where we have supporting members requesting our advertising services. As with any form of advertising, frequency will not guarantee success but it helps increase a successful marketing campaign.

If you are an attorney looking to advertise your legal services on the Official Legal Solutions Attorney Network please call us at (855) US SOLUTIONS (855-877-6588) or email us at

If you are a client looking to find an attorney please fill out the contact sheet on the side of this website.